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13 March 2014

Could this idea help us stop anxiety and make us more confident?

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Anxiety cripples. With 1:4 of us likely to experience it and worse in some way, wouldn’t it better to be in control of our emotional state? And there is a big idea that could massively minimise our anxiousness.

Our idea is that from nursery through to leaving education, that everyone is taught coping skills for an hour every week.  If children spend an hour a week doing ‘P.E.’, surely we should spend the same time doing emotional education – ‘E.E.’?  Doing this would surely make us less anxious?!

It was interesting yesterday to see David Laws, the education secretary float such an idea with regards to mindfulness.  As someone training to be a mindfulness coach, it clearly has huge merits:

Just imagine the impact ‘E.E.’ could have on exam anxiety, confidence for interviews, preparing yourself for social situations, coping with panic attacks.  The ability to coach yourself and knowing how to turn off that annoying voice in your head is something that everyone can learn!  The list of benefits is endless.

Why would we not do this….?

Prevention is better than cure:

Everyone knows that prevention is better than cure, whether that’s with regards to fitness, diet, interview preparation or exams.  And what is prevention if not preparation? Alex Ferguson is known for a brilliant quote, ‘fail to prepare and prepare to fail’.  And the same’s true for anxiety. If people aren’t given the tools to be able to cope, how on earth is anyone supposed to get better, to be calmer, to be more confident?

However, our current ability to cope is a lottery dependent on those around us who may or who may not be able to manage anxiety.  And imagine how much happier, effective productive we could be in all areas of our lives if we did this.

So if prevention is preparation, what tools work and how quickly?

  • Mindfulness for anxiety, also called a mindfulness based stress reduction course (MBSR) is 8 weeks.  You can find details here:

  • Prescription drugs – working with therapy or in isolation of course they work for a huge amount of people.  Wouldn’t it be good to deal with cause as well as the effect?

As a result, is doing nothing really an option?

If weekly ‘E.E.’ became a reality, people like me using hypnotherapy for anxiety in confidence in London may have less work. And you know what, I think I’d be fine with that (even if the bank manager, or the missus wouldn’t be).

In the meantime, I am sure that a lot of the things I see clients for in London every single week will sadly continue.  And wouldn’t be good, if ‘E.E’ was offered to all.  If you would like some help and would like to know how hypnotherapy in London could help you with anxiety and confidence*, I offer a complimentary 20-minute consultation.  You can call me on freephone 0800 122 3073 to arrange one, or send me an email via

I hope we speak soon.


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